Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'M BACK! (Updates)

Woww guys! I haven't posted in forever! Let's make that 5 months to be exact. I have been completely wrapped up in homework, college applications, work and just a whole bunch of stress on top of that! But, now exam week is over! So I can relax a bit for a change.

I'm so happy to be back! I wonder if you all even still remember who I am LOL.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Movie MANIA: If I Stay Review

Hey guys!

"If I Stay" is probably the most anticipated movie this summer for avid young adult fiction lovers. (After "The Fault In Our Stars" of course!)

"If I Stay" is based off of the New York Times Bestseller novel by Gayle Forman.

Mia Hall is an eighteen year old suddenly faced with the toughest decision that anyone could ever have to make. After a tragic car accident that kills her entire family, she has the difficult choice to wake up as an orphan or to die. She has an out of body experience and has flashbacks of her old life and what is currently happening at the hospital while she is fighting for her life.

Chloƫ Grace Moretz ("Kick Ass", "Carrie") plays the main role Mia Hall. Jamie Blackley plays her love interest Adam Wilde.

Usually I read novels before I watch the movie, but the trailer was just so epic that I had to watch it the day that it came out!